The House FM / My Praise FM App Reviews

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I absolutely love this station and so I'm glad I can bring them with me wherever I go!


Great music!!!!


I just downloaded the app and I already am in love with it!!!💛💙💜💚❤️💘

I don't understand this

Crazy app the focus and mission is unclear

Amazing App

Amazing app with amazing music! So much on 1 music app for a great Christian station!

Buy song not working

Otherwise a great app and great music!!


I love this app! I have had no problems with it at all. It is so nice to be able to listen to praise music everywhere I go for free💛💙💜💚❤


I love to listen to this app every time I am here.

Spirit led Christian rock at its finest

I love this radio station from its true spirit led announcers to their Godly Christian rock. Love u guys!

The House FM

The songs are good but the music stream is low quality.

Great music! Ok App

Love the music and the ability to switch between two stations. Would love it even more if this was my "Go To" app for all the Christian Music Stations available for streaming. App works great if you leave it open, but I find if I try to run it in the background so i can do other things it stops playing.

Awesome station!!

I would highly recommend this station to anyone!! There are two types of music with this app, one is an up beat tempo and the other is more traditional christian music.


This app is WELL worth the price I paid for it. Thanks. All of my wildest dreams have come true, thanks to this app. An English word doesn't exist that would properly convey my feelings about this glorious app.

2 great formats

Features 2 great stations: a contemporary station and a praise and worship station. Both sound great. Great playlists.

I <3 God!!!!!

AMAZING APP!!!! No complaints but they could fix when the song plays to show the title and artist.

Love it

Love it but don't no how to make it stop playing besides that its great


In a word, awesome!

God bless

Its one of the best radio station ever..


I love this station and all the Christian hits it plays but this app couldn't give me that, it always seems to quit working exactly during one of my favorite songs!


I love this app because of the music and the nice people who run the station. There is not a better app.


I love this app, I highly reccomemd it to anyone. It really has a message in the music.

Don't care for it

Praising the Lord through music isn't done with rock and hip hop. I've been taught that it is done with hymns and classical music, and not falling into what the world is wrapped up in now. :(

In the Walk

If you love Air1, you'll love this!!!


This is what I was looking for! At first when I turned it on I wondered if what I I got was what I wanted. You bet it was. The first song I heard, I remembered it. Totally awesome. Keep playing music.

Get this

It's free and it's worth the try. GET IT!!!!!!!

Love it

Love the music with the good message happy I found this app hope I can find many more Jesus love you !!!!!

Great Christian radio app

Love it. Good sound quality and like that there are 2 stations. I'm glad you seperate praise and lite stuff from the rock/pop. Also people need to know that 5 stars means awesome, not one.

Excellent app

Good going Doyle and the House/Praise team!

Thank you much!

We lost our Christian radio station in our city a while back and I miss it so much. Thank you for doing this. I am going to recommend it to all my friends who have iPhones and iPod touches. God bless your ministry. You guys are doing a great job and thanks for blessing me in return with this really great app.

New version review

I gotta say, its pretty cool to have the new features. I love the app, and use it sometimes while Im driving to and from work, also while I go work out. I didnt give it a 5 star for this version because Im not a huge fan of the music immediately starting when I open the app, since it needs to be quiet at my work, to go and set the alarm it started and was loud, most times i would love this, but I wish there was an option to turn this on or off. Also on the main screen, the volume says its at the lowest, and when I drag it, it jumps back to "mute" even tho its actually at the volume I want, so some interface problems for that. Also the alarm is weird, I expected the time to scroll, but it actually only works if I touch the number below or above. Would be nice to have full scroll capabilities. The play in the background option is neat, just wish it wasnt a worse quality version on the background version on the web. Would be cool to have it just click on then could go to the menu instead of going to the internet version. But you have one-upped the Pandor app. Great job guys, and amazing music. Thanks!


Love this app and love the music it is truly a blessing to have a radio station that is safe for our children

love it

i love it. it is the best!!!!great job!!!


Between this and Pandora, I am in musical heaven... So to speak.

You Rock!

Great music clean and simple. Thank you God Bless

Amazing music


Great Christian music...thanx!!

Nice mix of different types of contemporary, Christian music. We've missed this type of music in our area now for 2 yrs(!)since local station dropped format. Thank you! Now my family can be uplifted by positive music once again. I'll be spreading the word!


This is a lame app

The best!

The house fm is what i listen to everyday on the way to school. It's a great way to start the morning.


Absolutely love this application. I highly reccomend it for anyone who loves Christian music and is on fire for the Lord.


I love it! One of my favorites! It tells you what song is playing and who the artist is.


i love this app...i can listen to all my fav christian chris tomlin and superchick and grits and david crower band...even thought this station plays in oklamaha is still cool

This is sweet !!

I love this app! I listen 2 the house in the car but I can't get it in our house so this was a great idea ! =D I just wish it wouldn't pause or skip !


Hey this is awsome im relly glad yall did this!!!!!!!!!


Love it!

Lovein the house fm

I love this app and have been waiting for them to create it sense last year. It is really clear and I love that it is a Christian app because their aren't many of them. My favorite part is being able to listen to the morning show when I'm at work. Awsome app and if u don't have it get it and plus it's free:)

Good station

I love this station. I just hope they will make an app for 89.3 ksbj :).I like that station the best.

Great music

The best music and Djs that are really funny and don't talk too much. Perfect! And the praise station is awesome for worship music.

Christian Radio - WOO!!!HOO!!!

Now there are two Christian radio station Apps!! I can't wait until more Christian radio stations develop Apps. Praise God. Come on KHCB Houston - we need an App for your station!!!


I love no if only air1had an app!!!!

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